Independent Minds, Expert Ideas (2020)

When we met a year ago with international colleagues and friends and talked about the transformations of our time, the idea of writing a book together was born. 

We never thought that one year later we would experience such strong changes in the world. Covid 19 hit the world and brought it to a halt. It is a great book, with many tips and perspectives on the topic of change, a truly international perspective of authors from Australia, South Africa, Namibia, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany. 

With excellent articles from my fellow co-authors Paul ter Wal, Ilja Gee, Ogopoleng Mushi, Chris Davidson, Lindsay Adams, Rebecca Jones, Laura Baxter, Siegfried Lange.

Available in bookstores around the world


Interviews with the authors

Lindsay Adams 

Lindsay Adams is a keynote speaker, referral marketing and business networking specialist. With over 20 years relationship marketing experience, Lindsay’s focus is on building business networks, leveraging relationships to grow referrals and drive sales in less time by doing business by relationship.

Laura Baxter  

Laura Baxter is specialized in helping and advising international leaders to find their voice and develop their leadership presence across cultures and to shape their message to be compelling, inspiring and influential on the global stage. As an opera singer and performance coach, she has studied the effects of the voice and body on non-verbal communication and leadership for over 25 years. 

Chris Davidson  

Chris Davidson is a highly experienced engineer who worked in the aviation, IT and telecoms sectors for more than 20 years. During his corporate career Chris was lucky to experience living and working internationally. 2019 Chris launched Speaker Business Builder, a unique platform that supports micro-businesses, such as consultants, authors, trainers and speakers.

Ilja Grzeskowitz 

Ilja Grzeskowitz is a global keynote speaker, author, and economist. He has published teen books and sold hundreds of thousand copies worldwide. Being nicknamed “Mr Change” by his clients, Ilja inspires people to develop a changemaker mindset, and supports organisations to establish a change culture that is based on purpose, diversity, and strong values.

Rebecca Jones 

Rebecca Jones started her first business at the age of 19 and has since established herself within the field of businesses growth through staff engagement and collaborative approaches. She holds a Masters Degree in Education focusing on educating enterprise and entrepreneurs. Rebecca has nearly three decades of experience in enterprise, innovation and people development. 

Siegfried Lange 

Siegfried Lange completed his Master’s in Clinical Psychology with a thesis focusing on the development of emotional intelligence. He has 15 years’ experience in Retail, most of which in Management. Siegfried is a well-known Radio and Television personality who has a weekly slot on the Namibian Broadcasting Cooperation radio. His theories about human behaviour are uniquely insightful and have sparked many business’ direction changes in a variety of fields.  (Unfortunately the picture quality in this talk is poor due to technical problems, but the content will be very valuable)

Ogopoleng Mushi 

Ogopoleng Mushi is a public relations and digital marketing strategist from Pretoria, South Africa. Mushi studied Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology, Genetics & Psychology at the University of Pretoria, while also completing her Basic Neuroscience through Tuks Enterprise. She was a campus radio presenter, a news anchor and producer and later, became a news reporter for Weekly Xposé.

Paul ter Wal 

Paul ter Wal is a former company lawyer turned employability expert and work health architect. He’s been successfully speaking, consulting, and training business executives in this area for more than 20 years. Paul is the President of the Global Speakers Federation 2019 – 2020. His focus is on finding the ‘non-negotiables’ that represent the core values of both the indvidual and organisation.

Available in bookstores around the world

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